​Bethamay Wellness Coaching

What is Wellness Coaching? 

We will have conversations about your situation and collaborate on creating a vision for your best life and health by focusing on body and mind, heart and spirit, and what comes out of checking in on those areas.

Next we create steps to reach your goals in each area.  After that, you take the steps, one by one; I guide you through the rough spots, give you a nudge when need be, and cheer you when you succeed. This is a process centered on you and your very own journey through illness and wellness. Everyone's journey is unique. 

You get to be, "the most important person in the room" and held in a sacred space,  

as you connect with your own intuition and wisdom, with guidance from me. 

Possible Coaching Conversations:

-Building faith in your ability to heal

- What is Self-Care?  How do I do that? 

-Naming and engaging in activities that feed your soul and bring you joy 

-Decision-making about treatment possibilities 

-Building a schedule that works for you, your energy level, responsibilities, and commitments

-Ways of honoring your feelings about losses due to illness

-Ways of honoring successes and good news

-How to establish healthy boundaries and foster understanding with friends, family, or co-workers

-Finding ways to relax as you move through your challenges

-Any other area that is speaking to you

Whether through an accident, an out-of-the-blue diagnosis, or a gradual diminishing of capacity, long term health problems tend to be as confounding as our modern world. When we are ill, the number of things to consider is often overwhelming. Navigating the medical, physical, relational, familial, financial, and spiritual aspects of illness can be exhausting and isolating, whether you are alone, live with family, friends, or with your spouse or partner. But you can find your very own, individual,  way through the challenge and I can help you do that. 

​Wellness Coaching with Beth

An experienced guide can be so helpful. I can keep a bird’s eye view of the confusing landscape you face and help you stay on course. 

I use lessons I’ve learned through research, working with gifted health, spiritual, and coaching experts, and many years of managing complex illnesses, including cancer, in my own life.  

This type of coaching is a gentle, intuitive approach, 

where you can explore the landscape of illness and wellness in a safe and structured way. I will help you create a beautiful vision for 

your very best health and life. 

Collaboratively we will 

Create Steps for Reaching Your Vision of Wellness

These steps may include :

-Managing the stress that comes with illness

-Becoming less isolated

-Finding what brings you joy 

-A schedule that is in alignment with your goals and health

-Deepening your spiritual connection 

-Something else that is speaking to your heart as you heal

I look forward to working with you!

For a Complimentary 20 Minute Consultation 

Please Contact Me at:

Email:  [email protected]


Phone: 206-818-2133


You must continue to work with your doctors, therapists, and other health care providers. Coaching is not therapy and I am not qualified to diagnose, treat, or cure, your illness. 

Thank you for your understanding